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Relapse Prevention

Vivitrol is a monthly injection that dramatically reduces cravings for opioids and alcohol. It is not a substitute for treatment, but it sure helps to support people in the early stages of recovery. By diminishing the obsession in the early, intense months of abstinence, clients have the chance to build a foundation for recovery without having to “white knuckle” their way in.

Substance Use Disorder Symptoms

On the following page is a list of potential symptoms of substance use disorder or alcoholism. Checking yes to at least two of these indicates that a person may have a substance use disorder.

But it also indicates that you are not alone. Knowing the signs and symptoms gives you the information you need to seek recovery from a disease that millions also suffer from

Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal

Opioids in any form are effective at relieving pain in the short term, but over time they make the body unable to address pain on its own. It’s not just that they stop working – they actually make the problem worse, especially for people with chronic pain. Our medically approved detox protocol is designed to lessen the pain associated with opioid withdrawal and to help your body learn to regulate again.

“full recovery or amplified recovery” — toward typologies of recovery?

A version of this post was originally published in April 2019.

Recently proposed definitions of recovery could be characterized as defining it downward (or expanding the boundaries outward).


How should we respond to co-occurring addiction and racism?

Alexa Johnson is a friend who is early in her career and reached out for my thoughts on some important questions she had been contemplating. She shared a written reflection on the issues involved and I encouraged her to turn it into a post. I admire her combination of conviction and willingness to keep asking questions of herself and others, tolerate dissonance, and make adjustments. Hope you enjoy!

The recovery paradigm - a model of hope and change for alcohol and drug addiction


Background: Alcohol and drug disorders remain major health and social problems in Australia, contributing enormously to the global burden of disease and the everyday practice of primary care. A recent growth in recovery research and recovery focused policies are starting to have an impact in Australia, with implications for how we attempt to resolve these problems.


Who we are:

Turning Point Recovery Center is New Mexico’s leader in providing safe, effective, and evidence-based treatment for those who struggle with substance misuse and co-occurring disorders. Turning Point encompassess a continuum of care including Turning Point and Focused Recovery; Turning Point Residential Care, Inpatient and Outpatient Detox, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Recovery Housing, Withdrawal Management and a recovery-centered wellness program. We provide the best possible treatment in collaboration with researchers, physicians, clinicians and peers to provide community, health, and wellness-based recovery programming at all levels of care.